M. Galle, designer and superintendent with the Willoughby Co., Utica, New York, was born in Dresden, Germany, and learned his trade with his father, who was an artistic coach builder. He was next engaged with Hoercher & Co., Hamburg, Germany, as chief designer, there organizing a drafting class and conducting it four years. After that he came to the United States and entered the employ of Brewster & Co. He was next engaged by R. M. Bingham & Co. as assistant draftsman.


Mr. Galle received the first prize for the best design of brougham draft offered by the C. B. N. A. at the Chicago convention, 1890. He subsequently filled the position of designer and superintendent with Henry Killam & Co., Brewster & Co. and J. Curley, Brooklyn, New York. In 1892 he was appointed instructor in chief to fill the vacancy caused by the death of Prof. John D. Gribbon in the Technical School for Carriage Drafting, and retained this position until the appointment of Andrew F. Johnson, the present incumbent. Mr. Galle's life has been a busy one, and he is among the most advanced carriage designers.


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